10% of all 2021 storage and accessories sales will be donated to The BlackNorth Initiative


+ Who can order a Ritual Box?

Every Canadian over the age of 19 can purchase a Ritual Box. Please remember you will have to show ID and sign for your shipment at the door. At the moment, we are unable to ship Ritual Boxes outside of Canada or the United States.

+ How long will it take for me to get my Ritual Box once I've ordered?

We want to get our product in your hands as quickly as you want to test out your new cannabis ritual! We aim to have your order shipped out within 2-3 weeks, but that timeline is subject to change dependent on customizations and time of year (we tend to get fairly busy during peak gift-giving season!). 

As each Ritual Box is handmade from start to finish, we take a little longer to ship orders when we're replenishing our inventory. During these times, we require 4-6 weeks to fulfill orders and we'll let you know upon purchase if this is the case. We're cognizant that this time frame might not work for everyone and try to keep these instances to a minimum. However, we appreciate your patience and hope you know that we're working around the clock to shorten the wait time as much as possible!  

+ Does the Ritual Box include cannabis?

No. The AHLOT Ritual Box is designed to elevate your ritual around your favourite legal smoking products, but does not include cannabis. That said, you can always store your own cannabis in your Ritual Box, or stock it with something special if it's a gift. If you’re interested in AHLOT experiences that include cannabis legally, sign up here to receive the latest news on the products we're creating for the upcoming legal recreational market in Canada. 

+ Does the Ritual Box include all the accessories I see, even the vaporizer?

While the AHLOT Ritual Box includes the accessories you've selected, it does not include the vaporizer. The vaporizers are only shown in the picture to demonstrate that the particular module is custom fit to that specific vaporizer.

+ Can I give Ritual Boxes as gifts to groups, like the groomsmen or bridesmaids at my wedding?

Absolutely! We make Ritual Boxes for groups all the time, including corporations and celebrities. It's best to contact us before placing a larger order so we can chat about your customization requirements and special pricing.

+ Can you make a custom module for something I don't see on the order page, or make a box using different materials and colours?

We can definitely explore creating custom modules, and we're always busy in the background, looking at new materials and form factors to develop the next AHLOT creation. Unique custom orders are always possible because it's our mission to truly enable the perfect ritual for everyone. In fact, we offer private consultations with one of our designers by appointment. Watch for a coming-soon section on our site to get the latest scoop. And don't hesitate to get in touch at info@thinkahlot.com if you have something interesting in mind.

+ What’s happening with your premium subscription service?

Quietly, we’ve been building this out and forming relationships with Licensed Producers across Canada. We’re waiting for all of the Federal and Provincial regulatory frameworks to fall into place before making a formal announcement. If you want to be one of the first to access our premium subscription service when it goes live, please sign up here.

+ Don't see your question here?

That means it's not frequently asked, but still important! We want to be as transparent and helpful as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@thinkahlot.com or through social media with any other questions, concerns, or comments.