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 The AHLOT PIQ is an extension of your cannabis ritual meant to grasp and go. Equally comfortable in your palm or pocket, its minimalist design encases your essentials - both flower and flame.

Sealed with a magnetic closure, the unique swivel gradually reveals the objects that will pique your curiosity and free you from the passion to possess.

The PIQ is handcrafted in London, Ontario from solid Canadian maple hardwood and white powder-coated stainless steel. The PIQ was purpose built to house your pre-rolled flowers and a classic mini-Bic lighter. 

Please enjoy thoughtfully.

 Note: This is a pre-sale and following your order, each PIQ will be hand crafted with care while respecting social-distancing. The price includes the cost of shipping. The product will be shipped without tracking via normal ground shipping. Please be patient as this process can take 3-5 weeks.

Accessories and cannabis not included*